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Hello and Welcome to the official blog of Cherry Valley Labradoodles, A small boutique breeder of exclusively Multigenerational Allergy friendly Australian Labradoodles located in Southern CA.

To began with, let’s start by talking about what Labradoodles are, and then we’ll meet some of our mothers and fathers.

The first dog that can be considered a Labradoodle was bred by an Australian breeder Wally Conron at Guide Dogs Victoria when Conron bred a Standard Poodle with a Labrador Retriever, He wanted to breed a dog that combined the low shedding coat of the Poodle with the gentleness and ease of training of a Labrador for patients that were allergic to dandruff or hair but still needed a guide dog.. After several generations Conron succeeded wonderfully with a dog that was mellow, good with kids, extremely intelligent and hardly shedded at all. however at the time most guide dogs groups did not want want crossbreeds and Conron lost interest in labradoodles, Although nowadays Guide Dog institution’s all around the world use labradoodles.

Afterwards a few major kennels, i.e.: Tegan Park and Rutland Manor attempted to to establish Labradoodles from the original stock and began to breed and further refine the Labradoodle as a breed.

After Doodles were publicized in the news, Buyers all around the globe clamored to purchase their own Labroodles and many breeders were established in the US and around the world.

Cherry Valley Labradoodles was established in 2004 with our first dam, Sharnie shipped in from Rutland Manor and our second Dam Jayla also shipped from them.

After that we have slowly grown to our present size of (8) Dams and 4 Sires, however the majority of our Doodles are in host families

Tomorrow I will start introducing our dogs day by day as “The Daily Doodle” as well as doing pictures of our present litter’s of adorable puppies.